Wednesday 30 Jul 2014

22Seven: South Africa’s own

Last week saw the launch of, a website that links with banks and allows the site’s users to track their expenses and see how, and where, they spend their money.

The site, structured like America and Canada’s, is in beta service and is intended the help the user’s see how their money come in and goes out. For R70 (KES 700) a month, after the initial trial free period, the site analyzes your bank account and tells you where you spending your money on in an easy to read format.

“It’s a fun way to look at how you spend your cash,” according to the founder of the company Christo Davel, “it puts you in control of your finances.”

The service has faced some resistance from the banks in South Africa, with Absa bank going as far as to issue a statement warning its users against the risks the new service raises, reports StartupAfrica

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