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HELB Notice to Beneficiaries

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The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) wishes to advise all loanees who have completed repaying their loans to apply for their Loan Clearance Certificates.

The procedure for acquiring the certificates is as follows:

  • Loanees should write to the board through HELD’s dedicated e-mail address: and include their National ID numbers, employer’s name, repayment history and current contacts (i.e. e-mail, mobile phone number and postal address) to facilitate processing of their Loan Clearance Certificates.
  • Subsequent inquires about Loan Clearance Certificates should also be routed through

Note of benefit:

  1. Loanees whose pay slips indicate that they have fully repaid their loans are advised to request for their actual Loan Statements and balance through: . Only then can they verify that they have fully repaid their loans. Verification of one’s loan status with the lender is standard practice in all lending institutions.
  2. Loanees who may have attended a local university for a short while and left to pursue their other interests but have not repaid their university loans are notified that loans are repayable irrespective of whether a loanee completed his/her university course. Such persons need to request for a letter from the university they attended confirming the period they spent at the university and submit the same to the Board for verification of their status.
  3. Loanees who have fully repaid their loans should ensure they apply for their Loan Clearance Certificates as indicated above.

Other inquiries should be channeled through the following dedicated e-mail addresses:

HELB Corporate Communication Unit

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